Construction of a $13,638,538 new 1.5 MGD wastewater treatment facility which includes a Headworks with mechanical screening, grit removal, oxidation ditch aeration, two final clarifiers and two future clarifier structures, chlorine contact tank, parshall flume, aeration cascade, effluent pumping station, return activated sludge pumping station, two aerobic digesters, Biosolids dewatering facility, effluent storage, odor control system, site pumping station, chemical building, administration building, maintenance garage. The project also includes new site development, access road, site piping, electrical, generator, and instrumentation. The project required more than 6,400 cy of cast in place concrete. Project was completed in 2012.

Auburn Clearwell

Demolition of Clearwell No. 2 in its entirety including pumps, piping and concrete structure and construction of a new 0.5 MG cast in place concrete Clearwell No. 4 including over 1,900 cy of concrete; four new vertical turbine high service pumps and one new vertical turbine backwash pump on Clearwell No. 4 including piping, valves, and appurtances; removal and replacement of tube settlers in Clarifier Basins No. 1 and No. 2 including concrete basin wall restoration; upgrade of electrical, instrumentation and control system throughout treatment facility; site work; piping and valves; and new sod and paving. The contract was $3,352,037 with a critical substantial completion of 210 days. The project was successfully completed on time.



J&P completed the three million gallon expansion to WWTP plant to ensure Pace Water could keep up with the rapid growth in the area. In addition to the sewer plant, a 4,000 sf new operations center and hurricane shelter was a part of the $15,000,000 expansion. The project, completed in September, 2008 increased the treatment capacity from 2 million gallons per day (MGD) to 5 MGD.


Dauphin Island Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility

Construction of a new $6,267,433.00 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility. It is the first LEED certified municipal water treatment facility and the largest reverse osmosis treatment facility in the state of Alabama. The project consisted of: LEED Silver certified energy efficient water treatment facility, 1.3 MGD reverse osmosis treatment capacity, a 6,000 SF equipment and operations building, a 1200 GPM raw water production well and building, 5 miles of raw and finished water lines across the island, emergency power generators, a one million gallon prestressed concrete clearwell, associated electrical, instrumentation, controls, and demolition of the existing facility. J & P installed two membrane skids, high service pumps, RO cleaning skids, finished water pumps, and provided space and connections for future pumps and equipment. All work was performed while the existing treatment facility remained in operation. The existing facility was demolished once the new facility was put in operation. This project was completed in May of 2011.


South Stone County WWTF

Construction of a $9,047,759 new wastewater treatment facility consisting of site development, influent pumping station and force main facilities; influent screening and grit removal facilities; oxidation dich aeration basins, two clarifiers, return activated sludge pumping station; UV disinfection; post aeration; holding pond; plant operations building; standby emergency generator; electrical and instrumentation; sitework; yard piping; process piping; site utilities; and plant outfall. Project was completed in 2011.